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Repperio is a federal contracting analytics platform that helps contractors increase win rates by revealing the competitive landscape of federal opportunities. Developed by a team with deep federal procurement, contracting, business development and data analytics expertise, Repperio was designed to help you make Go-No-Go and teaming decisions more strategically and data-driven than ever before. Built by, and for, federal BD professionals, Repperio was built to reduce the time, cost and risk associated with the pursuit of federal contracts.

June Marshall SAME presentation
Founder/CEO June Marshall speaks at SAME conference

Bidding on federal contracts is time consuming, expensive and risky. Competition is very strong and can be highly variable. With Repperio, you'll get comprehensive view of the competitive landscape, greatly enhancing your capture process for the highest potential win rate.

It’s important to know when you're analyzing an upcoming opportunity or a new market - who are you really up against? Regardless of whether they're currently showing interest in an opportunity on FBO.gov, Repperio shows you all the players, including your best teaming partners and subcontractors, putting you in the best position to bid less and win more.


Repperio facilitates comprehensive due diligence on potential competitors, teaming partners and subcontractors. By combining detailed reconciled federal spending data with a powerful web-based platform, Repperio provides unprecedented insight into the contractors and businesses competing for federal dollars across all government agencies. At the click of a button, find the companies that are your biggest competition, or your best teaming partners and subcontractors for every federal opportunity.

Get best practice competitive analysis to maximize your win rate. Our intelligent data tracks opportunities and the contractor ecosystem to help guide important decisions. Check out past awardees, historically interested vendors, and currently interested vendors in the opportunities you are interested in and discover their prime and subcontract activity in each similar region, agency and contracting office as the subject opportunity.

Additionally, Repperio is the only application that provides customized opportunities based on your unique profile and contracts you are eligible to prime, as well as suggested subcontract and teaming opportunities, based on your company’s past performance and capabilities. All opportunities, including forecasted and private user entered, instantly display the complete competitive landscape facilitating maximum intel gathering into your capture workflow.

Who can benefit from Repperio?

Repperio is designed for the entire ecosystem of federal contracting:



GovCon Service Providers

Mergers and Acquisitions Firms

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